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Webcam Clocking

To prevent buddy-clocking and to provide an affordable biometric time-clocking device a webcam may be required for time-clocking. This in combination with the time clock locations ensures that you are both on location and whom you say you are.

To use the webcam functionality you will both need an installed webcam and the Adobe Flash player installed on your web browser.


User-added image

If you have a webcam installed, and do not see the video, please right click on the white square and select "Change Camera". If after selecting the Camera you still only see a blank white square, please ensure that the webcam is not in use by another application, including a tab within your web-browser.

If you don't have a webcam, you will have to contact your manager or use the manual add clock time on the left if enabled by management.

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Is there a way to clock in without being logged into the website?


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