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Training Sections

Under the tab 'Training' -> 'Sections' serve as a unit to organize training 'Topics' (You can think of them as a folder).


Add Sections


To add a 'Section', scroll down to the bottom of the overview page of the training tab and click on the ‘Add Section’ link.

User-added image


Enter your desired 'Section' name in the popup window as shown below.


Delete Sections


To delete a 'Section', click the red ‘X’ next to the desired 'Section' name.

User-added image

Be very careful when removing Sections because that will remove Topics from those sections as well. Those actions cannot be reversed nor Topics can be recovered once deleted.

Edit Section Name


To edit the name of your 'Section', simply click on the 'Section' name. You will see the same popup as shown above, where you can enter the new name for 'Section'.

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