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Time Clock Location & Terminal

Humanity allows you to setup individual 'Clock Locations' that can be used for restricting where clocking in and out occurs.

To Setup the authorized clock locations, go to the Time Clock > Time Clock Location.

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After creating the Clock Location, go to the Time Clock Settings first and enable the option 'Lock time-clocking to specified locations *Advanced'.

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'Clock Locations' can be setup using an IP address which please keep in mind can mean multiple computers on the same IP, as well as can change over time if you do not have a static IP. with your ISP.

A 'Clock Locations' can also be set to this computer.
This method is preferred as it uses a 'COOKIE' which is stored securely on the computer.
Please note that if you use this method, and 'Cookies' are ever removed a new one will need to be set.


What is Terminal?
Clock 'Terminals' are simplified


built-on top of 'Clock Locations' solely for the purpose of clocking in and out quickly.
Thus, make sure you have the 'Location' setup first and click 'Setup New Terminal'.

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Name the terminal and enable the option Full Login if you want your staff to
login to the Terminal for clocking In / Out and Webcam option if you want your staff to take pictures at the time of clocking In/ Out.
If the option is disabled, staff will be right away taken to the Clock In screen.


After creating the terminal, a unique URL is generated that you need to copy and browse in another tab.
Your staff profiles will appear in List or Gallery view.


Staff needs to click/select their profiles and it will take them to the clock in/out page.


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Happy Scheduling!

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