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Staff Settings

To find the 'Staff Settings', go to the tab 'Settings' -> and under 'Account' scroll down to 'Staff Settings'.

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Key Settings

Format the name display of employees:
Choose the format in which the app should display employee names in the application e.g. Lastname, Firstname or Firstname Lastname

Employees can view reports:
Allow staff to see their own reports, such as schedule summary or timesheets. If this is unchecked, your staff will not be able to view any reports.

Employees can edit their profile:
Allow your staff to edit their own 'Profiles' to ensure that their staff information is always accurate and up-to-date. They have the ability to edit their email address, home address, profile image, phone number, email, and Timezone.

Employees can view staff gallery:
Here you can allow your staff to see the 'Staff Gallery' which will give them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their fellow colleagues. If this is unchecked they will not be able to see any other staff names or profile pictures.

Employees can view staff contact details (staff gallery must be checked):
This gives your staff access to other staff member's contact information, allowing them to deal with any pertinent issues among themselves, leaving you out as the middleman.

Employees can send private messages:
Here you can give your staff permission to send private messages to one another from within the application. They will be able to send private messages to all staff and management staff.

Employees can view “Who’s on now”:
Give your staff the ability to see who is currently scheduled for a shift. This is visible on their 'Dashboard', which is the first screen that appears when they sign into their account.

Employees can view payroll reports:
Enabling this option will allow the employees to see the payroll reports, if the option is disabled, the employees won't be able to see the payroll reports.


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