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Scheduled Hours Report

Generate your staff PayRoll reports using the Scheduled Shifts data by going to the tab 'Payroll' and select 'Scheduled Hours'.
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The 'Scheduled Hours' shows the hourly 'Rate', 'Rate Card', 'Start date', 'End date', 'Regular', 'Special', 'Overtime', 'Total', 'Cost', 'Daily overtime' and 'Weekly overtime'.

Daily & Weekly Overtime, as well as the Special hours, are calculated as per the settings you have set on the rate card. To the right of the report, you have multiple other powerful options that you can enable for your report such as Deduct Breaks, show detailed OT, Split Overnight and other features which you can view in the screenshot below.

Split Overnight Shifts

If you have a shift that goes past midnight, which we refer to as overnight shifts, you can enable "Split Overnight Shifts" so that each hour before midnight gets counted for that day and the rest of the hours are calculated for the next date. E.g. If a shift starts on the 10th at 22:00(10:00 PM) and end on the 11th at 03:00(03:00 AM), you will have 2 hours counted towards the 10th and 3 hours counted towards the 11th day of the month.

Detailed Overtime

If you enable this option, the report will show two additional columns segregating the overtime into "Daily overtime" and "Weekly overtime".

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