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Rate Cards

Go to the tab Payroll - > Payroll Settings and you will see the Default Card at the top. Click that to update it or click 'New Rate Card' from the top right.

The Rate Card feature is used to define the daily & weekly Overtime rate. Default Card is assigned to all users' profiles, by default. Any newly created Rate Card is assigned to staff members’ profiles (Go to the Profile - > Payroll). There is no limit on the number of rate cards you can create. 

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Weekly Overtime:

Rate card is where you set the weekly OT rate. The weekly OT quota or threshold is set under the Admin settings or under employee profile. E.g. You can set 200% on the rate card but the threshold when this rate should apply is something we set under Admin - > Account Settings - > ‘Payroll Settings’ - > Max Weekly Hours (Overtime) OR under employee profile - > Max Weekly Hours (Overtime). Settings under individual profile will always override the Admin Settings.

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Daily Overtime:

Under Daily Overtime, click the option 'Add New Rule' to set the daily overtime rate. You can set multiple daily overtime rules. Unlike weekly OT, daily OT field allows you to set both the rate as well as daily OT quota/threshold. The Payroll Setting page as well employee profile also allows you to set the daily OT quota (Just quota, not the rate) – the option is ‘Maximum Daily Working Hours’.

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Special Hours:

Special hours are set if you are paying your employees at a different rate than their base wage rate. E.g. employee’s base wage rate is set to $10, however, you want to pay double if s/he works between 1 am-5 am on Sunday. You can set the hourly chart for Sunday to 200% from 1 am-5 am. Any shift scheduled during those hours will be calculated at 200% of the base pay. 

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While updating the rate on the chart, you can click and drag multiple grids to update the rate in bulk:

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Stack Overtime:

Stacking applies where different rates apply on a single timesheet/shift. This can be a scenario with Special time and Overtime. For example; an employee is scheduled to work on Monday from 2pm-11pm (9 hours) where the 9th hour is going to daily overtime. Also, Special hours are set on the rate for Monday from 10pm-4am @200% rate.   

Shift’s last hour is in special hours (10pm-11pm) but at the same time, that one hour is in Daily OT too. The Question arises whether that last hour should be paid at daily overtime rate, or special hour rate. You have the answer whether you want to pay either both rates or one of it. If you want to pay at both rates, enable the Stack Overtime option in which case the last hour calculation will be: (Base Wage X Special Rate %X Daily OT %rate)

If you do not want to pay both, un-check the Stack option. The application will only apply the overtime rate and not the special rate. 

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The Payroll Reports will now calculate the Staff cost based on the applied rate card.

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Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!