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Payroll Settings

To access the payroll settings please click the Payroll icon from the left side and click Payroll Settings from the left options menu. Under Payroll settings, managers can set up the Rate Cards as well as the daily, weekly overtime, Export format, Currency settings and many other useful features.

For additional information on what a specific setting does, hover your mouse cursor over the setting.


Key Settings

Overtime Calculation Module: This is where you can set the Californian module to comply with the California overtime law. Selecting the California module will take care of the overtime you are required to pay if an employee works for more than 5 consecutive days in a week.
Maximum Daily Working Hours: It's a global setting that will auto apply the maximum working hours rule to all staff members profiles. If different individuals within your organization have different maximum daily working hours, you can edit the employee's profile and add a custom rule for their profile. Do note that this will override the global rule you've set under the Payroll Settings.


Schedule any employee for more than Max daily working hours will show a conflict in the ShiftPlanning tab. The hours scheduled above this limit will be shown as Daily Overtime in Payroll Reports. The Daily Overtime rate can be set in Rate Cards.
Maximum Weekly Hours (Weekly
overtime): This is set the same way maximum daily workings hours are set i.e. it can be set globally in the payroll settings but also individually in the employee's profile.
Use alternative weekly overtime calculation: Using this mode will only put regular hours into the weekly overtime quota excluding daily overtime. For example, your weekly OT quota is 40 hours and 8 hours is set as the daily OT quota. If any employee works five shifts of 9 hours each, only 8 regular hours from each day will be counted towards weekly OT. In this case, there will be no weekly OT even though the Total weekly worked hours reached 45 (5 hours are not counted towards weekly OT as those has already been paid as Daily OT i.e. no double OT calculation). 

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