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Payroll Overview

Humanity compiles all your employee attendance data automatically, creating perfectly accurate Shift Hours/Time Sheets that are instantly ready for payroll processing. We also make it easier to export this data to 3rd-party payroll systems.

To get started, navigate to the Payroll tab from the left navigation bar.

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Once within the Payroll overview, you have various options.

Payroll Reports

The Payroll reports, under the Payroll tab, are the most powerful reports that not only show the Shifts / Time Sheets hours but also do the Employee Payroll calculation. These reports take into account the Daily, Weekly and Special Rates that were setup using 'Rate Card' feature. 

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With multiple useful options on the right available for every payroll report you can further customize the available report:

Payroll Settings

Under Payroll settings, managers can set up the Rate Cards as well as the daily, weekly overtime, Export format, Currency settings and much more. One thing to note that the Humanity PayRoll export format automatically generates the format as per your Payroll provider requirements.

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