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Notification Settings

Go to the tab 'Settings' -> and under 'Account' -> 'Notification'. Humanity's global notification system is an essential part of the employee scheduling application. The software's real-time notifications keep staff up-to-date with scheduling-related events and encourage prompt action to be taken toward items needing attention.

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Via Email

Here you can turn off or on all email messages globally.



Here you can turn off or on all SMS text messages globally. Please note that these are global settings that will affect all staff. If enabled then staff can individually specify their individual message preferences under their staff 'Profile' notifications.


Force Email Notifications

You can also 'Force Email Notifications' this disallows staff to edit their e-mail notification settings forcing them to receive them. *Generally not recommended


Birthday Notifications

When checked you will receive a notification detailing who and when will be having a birthday.


Birthday Card

When checked a birthday card will be sent to the lucky staff member.


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