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Manage Time Sheets

Managers can manage time sheets of their employees for any selected time. Go to the tab Time Clock > Manage Time Sheets. Filter the time sheets by the date, 'Approved' or 'Unapproved' status, employee, the 'Schedule' and by the 'Location'.

To approve a time sheet click the green check mark. To edit a time sheet click the edit icon and to delete one click the red 'X'. Hover over the Map-Pin icon next to the green and red clock icons to see the GPS map for the clock In / Out location.

On top of the Clock In / Out times, there will show cam icon if your staff has clocked in using a webcam. Place your mouse cursor to see the image.

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Clocked Hours Vs Scheduled Hours


From the tab TimeClock > Manage Time Sheets, managers can view staff clocked hours against Scheduled hours on that day. Showing both pieces of information was highly requested by our customers in order to make the TimeSheets approval process more intuitive.

By default, Manage Time Sheets only show the Time Sheets but you can enable the settings "Enable Scheduled Details In Timeclock" from the tab Settings > Time Clock. Once enabled, Manage TimeSheets will start showing the Scheduled Hours below Worked Hours (Worked hours refers to TimeSheets).

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