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Leave & Availability Settings

Go to the tab Settings - > Leave & Availability. Not only you can set up the rules for Leave & Availability Management but also can create Custom Leave Types as well as import 3rd party calendars. Place the mouse cursor on a setting name and detailed info on that setting will display.


Preview of Leave & Availability section


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Preview of the Import Calendar




Availability settings


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Staff can set weekly availability:

Enable this option to let your employee submit the weekly recurring availability.

Staff can set future availability:

Enable this option to let your staff submit the Future availability which can be set for an individual day.

Availability must be approved by management:

Enable this option, if you want the availability requests to need the manager's approval before coming into effect for the employees.

Availability Change Requests are effective:

Select when you want the availability request to be effective after it is requested/approved.

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