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Event Log

Every time an action occurs within the Humanity application, the application tracks it as a unique event and compiles this information under the ‘Event Log’ page. This feature can be used to verify events for record keeping or troubleshooting past events by seeing who did what and when. The ‘Event Log’ is only available to 'Managers', who can make use of this centralized log service to report and track actions and events that have taken places, such as the creation of a shift, the deletion of a shift, or staff clocking in and out of shifts.

Go to the tab 'Settings' -> and then under 'Business' settings -> select 'Event Log'

User-added image

Using the filters from top right, you can sort the 'Event Log' by date, staff or you can group events. The events are sorted by day and include the user details, the time, the event and additional details. Some of the events may show up with two different icons:

  • http://cdn.spgrab.com/05_04_12_11_23_15.png Admin Event


Events that were done on behalf of a user. Mouse-over for to find out who the admin was.



  • http://cdn.spgrab.com/05_04_12_11_23_49.png External Event


Events that didn't happen on browser version: These events were performed from a mobile platform or using our 'Data API'. Mouse-over for more details.


Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!