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Edit Training Topic

Under the tab 'Training' to edit a 'Topic', click on the 'Topic' title. You will see the 'Topic' information and an ‘Edit’ option in the upper right corner.

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When you click on this link, you will be able to edit the specific topic’s details. Here you can rename the 'Title', turn on 'Silent Edit', add 'Attachments', 'Content', assign staff and even add a quiz under 'Topic Quiz'. The 'Silent Edit' feature gives you the ability to edit the training topic without requiring users to go through them again.

Under 'Who must complete this?' you can assign staff by the 'Position', 'Group', 'Skill' or 'User'.


Topic Quiz

Here your can add a multiple choice quiz to your topic to make sure your team is up-to-speed! Once they go to finish a topicor sign off on one, the quiz will pop up.


Show Advanced Options



Here you can assign which 'Section' to have this 'Topic' under.

Digital Signature

With this feature, a userhas to sign with their correct ‘Full Name’ as added to their profile.

Download PDF

Here you can select either 'Store Default', 'Enable' or 'Disable'. This controls the ability for staff to be able to download the topic as a PDF file. Even if the global setting for downloading PDF's is enabled you can 'Disable' it in individual topics. You can also turn off the global settings for downloading PDF's and then just select 'Enable' here to override the global setting.



Here you can select ‘Comments’ when editing a training topic. The default is off or ‘Disable'.If you select ‘Comments’ users can send comments on this topic and you can set it to only ‘Managers’ or ‘Managers/Employees’ that can see and post comments. Once set click 'Save Settings'.



Here you can set ‘Homework’ when you edit the training topic. When it’s set as ‘Homework’ only the employees that are tagged can send homework and you can set it such that only ‘Managers’ or ‘Managers/Employees’ can view it. Then click ‘Save Settings’.



To add a video, simply input the Youtube ID in video field and save changes. Once the video is added, it will appear in the body of the tutorial.




You can also attach a ShiftPlanning tutorial from the ‘Tutorial’ drop down menu (e.g. “Getting Started Guide”). Input training content or style text with our inline editor. When you are done editing the 'Topic', click the green ‘Save Changes’ button.


Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing support@humanity.com.Happy Scheduling!