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Custom Leave Types

Go to the tab Settings - > Leave & Availability. At the top right, click downward arrow icon and hit New Leave Type.

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Add the title e.g. Sick Leave and set rules for:

  • Full and partial Day request -> If checked, the employees can request full day and partial day leaves against this leave type

  • Full Day Request Only -> If checked, the employees can make only full day leave requests against this leave type

  • Do not deduct from leave days -> If checked, the leave days would not be deducted from the leave count set under Settings->Leaves & Availability

  • Limit the maximum number of staff that can be booked at once -> Set the number of staff members who can be approved for leave in one day(If the leave requests require approval). Or set the number of staff members who can request for leave in one day (if the leaves are automatically approved)

  • Leaves must be booked X days in Advance -> Set the numbers of days, the employees have to request the leave in advance from the event date

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After a Leave Type, you can adjust the Current Leave Types from the Leave Settings page.


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